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Share Peace and Love

Flowers and plants are therapeutic for one's wellbeing.

All-natural Lift to your Mood

Just a glimpse of flowers and plants can increase the beneficial neurotransmitters of dopamine and serotonin. These natural mood enhancers can help reduce stress, depression, and anxiety while promoting a positive state of mind.

Finding Calm

Flowers and plants have a Zen effect on the human psyche. The act of caring for plants or arranging flowers can be a meditative experience.

Nature in your Life

In today’s busy, concrete world, it’s easy to become disconnected from nature. Flowers and plants are a lovely reminder of our place in the natural world.


The fragrance of flower in a room. The smell for freshly watered soil. Can make one just stop for a moment, take deep breath and enjoy a tranquil experience.

To Give or Receive?

Science shows that gifting flowers brings as much joy as receiving them. The best reason to give flowers can be just because you’re thinking of someone. The surprise it gives is all the proof you’ll need.

I'm so lucky to have a little part in the shared experience of giving. Delivering your gifts for you and seeing the light shine in the recipients' eyes. If you would like me to create and deliver something beautiful on your behalf, click here to order online SHOP ONLINE | Apropos Flowers | Perth Ontario

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