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Air Plant ~ How to Care For

Air plants are epiphytes and grow typically on other plants. They utilize the air for their water and nutrients.

They are fairly easy to care for but can’t totally be ignored.

A few things to keep in mind. They love a humid environment as they’re native to tropical rain forests. So a bathroom, or by the kitchen sink is great.

It’s best to avoid direct, hot, summer sun. They enjoy filtered light, since they grow in the treetops, they’re under the canopy of foliage which shelters them from the harsh sun.

For best watering, since our home can be dry, fully submerge the plant in room temperature water for 30 to 45 minutes. If you collect rainwater that’s even better. They love it.

When it’s done soaking, remove the plant and shake off any excess water. It’s VERY important to allow them to dry fully upside down. About 8 hours, so if you water in the evening they’ll be dry by morning. We don’t have wind inside our homes, which is what helps them dry in the wild.

You want to avoid water collecting and sitting stagnant in the crown of the plant. Supplemental misting is fine, but just lightly in the air around the plant.

Air plants also love fresh air. So, when the temperature is mild, they can make a lovely decoration outside.

Displaying them is only limited to your imagination. Glass terrariums with colourful stones, gnarly pieces of driftwood and mosses are a few ideas. Heck make some 3D art on a canvas and display them on the wall. Have fun!!

These fun plants come many different shape, sizes and varieties and make for a special collection.

Thanks for stopping by ~ Sheri.

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