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House Plants and Zodiac Signs

What's your sign? Wink, wink.

Aries ~ Peanut Cactus.

You are creative, passionate and fiery.

Taurus ~ Snake Plant.

You are steady, patient and charming.

Gemini ~ Prayer Plant.

You are adaptable, curious and youthful.

Cancer ~ Fiddle Leaf Fig.

You are Intuitive, imaginative and sensitive.

Leo ~ ZZ Plant.

You are loyal, proud and generous.

Virgo ~ Alocasia.

You are meticulous, supportive and analytical.

Libra ~ Monstera.

You are aesthetic and empathetic.

Scorpio ~ Selloum Philodendron.

You are magnetic and secretive about feelings.

Sagittarius ~ Adansonii.

You are straightforward and philosophical.

Capricorn ~ Golden Pothos.

You are confident and practical.

Aquarius ~ Rubber Tree.

You are independent and intelligent.

Pisces ~ Pilea.

You are compassionate and artistic.

Wouldn't any of these make for the perfect birthday gift for the plant lover in your life?

They are easy to find plants. Give us a call or stop if you're in the neighbourhood.

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