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Monstera Plant, Swiss Cheese.

Ever wondered why the slits and holes are in Monstera leaves.

The technical name for these is called fenestrations. It’s latin (like all things planty) for the word meaning window.

The slits in their foliage are nature's way of allowing light to pass through the leaves allowing the lower ones to get their share. Without them it would slow the growth and impact the health of the plant, by shading out too much light for it to thrive.

They also allow for rainwater to pass through and get to the roots, because most plants dislike having too much water collect on their foliage.

They also protect the plant from harsh wind which can damage the leaves. Or at worst uproot the entire plant.

When you see young Monstera they won’t have these fenestrations in the leaves. It usually takes 2 to 3 years for them to happen on new foliage.

Mother Nature is truly fascinating in how she adapts and changes to world.

What’s your plant “sign?” Are you curious what zodiac sign is connected to Monsera? Check it out here House Plants and Zodiac Signs (

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