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House plants and our pets.

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

I have four kitties, Scooty, Mango, Bubbles and Peanut. Three of them wouldn’t bother with anything I bring home, but one, pssst Mango seems to have radar when it comes to plants he thinks should be tasted and then live on the floor.

Probably my number one most frequently asked questions is “Is this plant poisonous?”

So I thought I’d gather a list of popular house plants that are safe for your four legged friends.

Now, bare in mind I am no scientist. So this information is found on the “google.” Disclaimer: nothing I sell should really be ingested by anybody, 2 legs or 4.

Most of this list have multiple varieties in their plant families Most have the same care and safety, but it’s always a good idea to double check.


Bright indirect light, moderate water, with high humidity.

False Aralia:

Bright indirect light, moist, not wet with high humidity.


Bright indirect light, keep moist not wet, with high humidity.


Lower light, keep moist, not wet.


Bright light, little water.

Parlor Palm:

Bright light, moderate water, mist.


Lower light, moderate water


Bright indirect light, moderate water.


Bright indirect light, moderate water.

Purple passion:

Bright indirect light, moderate water.

Spider Plants:

Bright indirect light, moderate water, mist.

This is not a full list, but it’ll get you started.

Mango and I hope you’ve found this helpful.

Thank you for stopping by. Share this with someone you think might find it useful.

Stop into the shop, I’d love to see you. Sadly, no Mango will not be here to serve you ~ Sheri.

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