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Flower Zodiac

What does your zodiac flower say about you.

Dec 22 – Jan 21

Carnation ~ Capricorn You are strong willed and determined. One whom others can lean on.

Jan 22 – Feb 19

Orchid ~ Aquarius You are curious and inventive with a dreamy personality.

Feb 20 – March 20

Waterlily ~ Pisces You are perceptive, deep and naturally creative.

March 21 -April 19

Honeysuckle ~ Aries You are charming and graceful. People can’t resist your energy.

April 20 ~ May 19

Poppy ~ Taurus You love the finer things, with an eye for details. You can weather any storm.

May 20 ~ June 20

Lavender ~ Gemini You have an active mind with ideas that you share with others.

June 21 ~ July 22

Acanthus ~ Cancer You have are sensitive and perceptive, surrounded by friends and family who love you.

July 23 to Aug 21

Sunflower ~ Leo You are warm and faithful. A natural and generous leader.

Aug 22 ~ Sept 22

Morning Glory ~ Virgo You are thoughtful and reflective, and love to help people.

Sept 23 ~ Oct 22

Rose ~ Libra You see beauty and truth and will not tolerate injustice or cruelty.

Oct 23 ~ Nov 21

Chrysanthemum ~ Scorpio You are layered and full of surprises, and help bring clarity to others.

Nov 22 ~ Dec 21

Narcissus ~ Sagittarius You are trustworthy and honest, and only show your sensitivity to a select few.

What's your sign?

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