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FAQ ... How big does this plant grow?

Maybe a better way to ask the question I think folks are getting at is "HOW does this plant grow?"

Growth habits are the characteristics of shape, appearance and form of a plant species. Knowing a plants growth habits can help you identify the space it will need in your home as it matures.

The next couple of photos show the same plant (Ficus Elastica Rubber Ruby Red), but at two different states of maturity.

There are quite a few different scientific growth classifications. Here are a few basics to give you an idea.


This group typically grow their leaves off of long vines. They're free flowing and hang down over the edge of their pot. Or have tendrils that will wrap themselves around whatever is in their path. Some have aerial roots that attach themselves to surfaces or polls.


Pretty self explanatory. They tend to stay fairly contained and grow in an upright pattern.

These plants are good for those tighter spaces, so they don't slap you every time you walk past.


This growth habit is characterized by multiple shoots growing in a bunch from a common base. They tend to grow more out than up, staying in a uniform, round, full shape. They generally have large foliage.

I hope this helps a bit.

As to how big a plant will grow, that is totally up to the environment and care it receives. We've all heard of someone who has a plant that has been pasted down through generations.

Most plants can be cut back, or reduced to keep them from growing you out of house.

If you've wondered about light requirements for your tropical plants, have a peek at another post. What the heck is "Bright Indirect Light" anyway? (

Thanks for taking some time here. If you'd like to see a selection of some of our house plants we have available. This link will take you to our plant shop Tropical Plants (

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