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Being Green

As a florist I believe I have a responsibility to cherish and protect nature. It is fundamentally at the core of my trade.

Change can be easier than we think. I decided to try an experiment a couple of years ago. I wouldn’t automatically wrap up a clients purchase. Instead I would have them ask for a bag. Well, it works like a charm, 95% of the time clients happily take their plant or pot without a second thought.

I use recycled craft paper to wrap our flowers, and avoid plastic water tubes whenever possible. I include bouquet instructions for proper care to achieve blooming success.

Apropos’ arrangements are delivered ready to enjoy without a sea of cellophane that quickly becomes garbage. Weather permitting of course. I design primarily in water, to avoid using floral foam, which takes many years to breakdown.

I make a conscious effort when purchasing my fresh products to source from like minded suppliers. Primarily from Ontario’s abundance of wonderful growers.

The flowers that come from overseas are all fair trade. These farms are Rain Forest Certified and managed according to rigorous environmental, social and economic standards. It’s important to know your gift has a conscience.

All of our fresh waste is composted, and cardboard is recycled. We will gladly reuse a clients glassware or other vessels.

Shop knowing your purchase has less impact on our environment

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